Gyān and Vigyān

Figure – Figure , by Scott E. Kim (Sketch, 1975) (Pg. 69 – “Gödel, Escher & Bach” by Douglas R. Hofstadter) presented to Indian Insitute of Advanced Studies, Shimla Seminar on INDIAN KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS  Gyān and Vigyān I applaud the Indian Institute of Advanced Study at this initiative of chikitsa in our present day education systems. The timing is very correct since our dependence on the Western system that we inherited from the British has run its full course. This very West today is tiring with its technologies and fragmented areas of specializations, looking seriously towards the East for alternative, holistic systems of knowledge. This is best summarized in a recent Time magazine[1] special issue article “Your Mind Your Body” – I quote, – ‘If you close your eyes and think about it for a while, as philosophers have done for centuries, the world of the mind seems very different from the one inhabited by our bodies. The psychic space inside our heads is infinite and ethereal; it seems obvious that it must be made of different stuff than all the other organs. Cut into the body, and blood pours forth. But slice into the brain, and thoughts and emotions […]