A Devoted Disciple

This leads to the understanding of the performing methods of the yajnas and the sacrifices to agni, the sacred fire. The “Supraphysical” energies are variously enhanced and these are the Devatas or the Semi-Gods that have control various powers. This knowledge clearly touches upon the paranormal and the power of the mantras over the physical world.

Consciousness is another subject that Mishraji has covered extensively in his writings. In the The Cosmic Matrix, talking about ‘The Universe of Modern Science’, Mishraji writes-“Many theoretical physicists believe that in fact all the laws of physics are unified, and several acknowledge that the phenomenon of mind and consciousness actually do exist. The signals from the Vedas could be of profound significance for such people.” The main dilemma of Quantum Physics remains the wave and particle duality of matter.

In 1950s Erwin Schrödinger, one of the main exponents of Quantum Mechanics, who was a great believer in the Upanishads writes in his book ‘Mind and Matter’ – “The reason why our sentient, percipient and thinking ego is met nowhere within our scientific world picture can easily be indicated in seven words: because it is itself that world picture….There is obviously only one alternative, namely the unification of minds or consciousnesses. Their multiplicity is only apparent, in truth there is only one mind. This is the doctrine of the Upanishads.”… He goes onto say about this in another book ‘What is Life?’ … “The only possible alternative is simply to keep to the immediate experience that consciousness is a singular of which the plural is unknown; that there is only one thing and that what seems to be a plurality is merely a series of different aspects of this one thing, produced by a deception (the Indian MAYA) ; the same illusion is produced in a gallery of mirrors, and in the same way Gaurishanker and Mount Everest turned out to be the same peak seen from different valleys.”…. “Dating back some 2500 years or more from the early great Upanishads the recognition ATMAN = BRAHMAN (the personal self equals the omnipresent, all-comprehending eternal self) was in Indian thought considered, far from blasphemous, to represent the quintessence of deepest insight into the happenings of the world.”