A Devoted Disciple

On the transition of Shastriji in 1960, at the early age of 52 years, R K Mishraji  took upon himself to carry this work forward in English and more modern western scientific terms. The untimely passing away of Shastriji had left a vast cache of unpublished manuscripts and it fell on R K Mishraji’s shoulders to have them preserved for posterity. Between Ojhaji and Shastriji they had more than 233 books and over 80,000 pages of writings on the Vedas. In his turn R K Mishraji published four volumes in English detailing a large number of the hereto not understood Vedic concepts and meanings in the light of contemporary Science and Metaphysics. These volumes are : Before the Beginning and After the End: Rediscovering Ancient Insights, The Cosmic Matrix: In the Light of the Vedas,  The Realm of Supraphysics – Mind, Matter, Energy and The Ultimate Dialogue.

Before the Beginning and After the End: Rediscovering Ancient Insights was published aptly on Guru Punima 28th July, 1999. On this day of the Full Moon, it being summer in India, the Sun is the closest to us and consequently the energy of the high-tide waves in the ocean is at its annual peak. This book, and the subsequent Volumes, have all been dedicated to Pandit Motilal Shastriji.