A Devoted Disciple

Another very important contribution that Mishraji has made through these Volumes is to eradicate the deliberate distortions of those translators “serving the interests of British colonialism and, secondly, lending support to the proselytizing activities of Christian missionaries”. He explains at the outset of his first Volume how “Max Müller made three assertions: 1. The Rig Veda, the oldest of the Vedas, was composed around 1200 BC; 2. The Rig Veda is a work of the Aryans; and 3. The Aryans were a foreign race of people who invaded India and subjugated the indigenous people. Overwhelming evidence is now available to the effect that each of these propositions is utterly untenable. However, so deep has their impact been, and so strong the support they received from entrenched vested interests, that these falsehoods hold sway even today”.

It is indeed extremely difficult to sum the extent of Mishraji’s scholarship in these writings or to do justice to them in limited pages. But, the best approach would be to choose some pearls from this vast treasure house.