This cloak of Brahman is the vāsyam referred to in the first line of the first shlöka of Īśavāsyopniśad :-

! [-SaavaasyaimadÐ sava-ma\ yai%kMca jaga%yaama\ jagat\.

īśāvāsyam idam sarvam yat kim ca jagatyām jagat…

All this, whatsoever moves in this Universe, including the Universe itself moving, is indwelt or pervaded or enveloped or clothed by the Lord….[11]

Chinmayananda says – “vāsyam is a pregnant word in Sanskrit with unlimited suggestiveness and innumerable meanings. The root ‘vas’ means ‘clothing’, ‘covering’, ‘inhabiting’, ‘enveloping’, or ‘pervading’. And here in the context all these meanings are applicable. The Great Rishī exclaims that ‘all this’ (īdam sarvam) that we are perceiving through our sense-organs or by the intervention of our mind and intellect –all this – is indwelt by the Spirit which is the Lord of the world-of-perception……

All this should be covered (clothed) by the Lord (Īśa). The world-of-matter acts as the veil, covering from our vision the Divinity within, and therefore, we are unable to perceive the Divine presence everywhere around us in the without. The Light of consciousness illumines all our perceptions, feelings and thoughts. It illumines our sense-organs, mind and intellect. It pervades all and nothing pervades it. And yet, the paradox is the world-of-plurality covers so successfully the vision of Truth, in whose light alone the plurality can be experienced.”