Analytically, therefore, māyā can be understood to unfold at three levels that essentially encompasses the entire scale of sizes which the human mind can derive in its consciousness. The lends itself to direct experience and can be subjected to measure by hand. This is restricted to the prithvī or the earthly-domain. The pramā is just out of the human reach and therefore requires standards of measure and their mathematical projections, or fore-measure, to bring it within our mindset. We use the domain knowledge for this purpose and further extend it to study this pramā region – the antarikś or the vacuum that is inter-galactic or inter-atomic (for here the prefix antar should be understood as inter- or that which is in between). The pratimā can only be imagined and it is that fold which is at the very border of the ‘deducible’ universe. This is the dyauh [15] – it is the nominative-singular of the noun div ( idva ) which literally means the ‘region of light’ or the heaven. (Interestingly it also means ‘to lay a wager, to gamble, to play dice or to bet with’).Scale-of-Sizes-within-the-Universe