Fig. 3.1 from ‘The Artful Universe’ by John D. Barrow (OUP 1995) is reproduced above to show the logarithmic scale, in centimeters, of the universe ‘visible’ to the human consciousness and this extends from the –10 to about +25 decimal power. So dyauh should be interpreted as the ‘observational’ limits imposed in physics by ‘c’ the velocity of light on the higher end and by Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle on the lower end. Fig. 3.2 gives these limits as shaded areas viz. the Black Hole and the Quantum Region respectively.

Rig Veda I ,115, 1 – 6 discusses the three realms of the dyauh , antarikś and prithvī in more detail. For further study these shlökas present interesting metaphysical concepts. The trinity here is termed as agnī – the celestial fire, varun – the emanating principle and mitrâ – the attractive principle. This trinity frames the cosmic eye that is illumined by the divine light of sūryâ – the sun.

¥       I will use two more crutches to complete this essay on māyā . Both these minds belong to the list of literary giants of the 20th century.