The Concept of Bindu

(1) Serena Roney-Dougal, a Ph.D in Parapsychology who has written the book “Where Science & Magic Meet” (Element 1991)
(2) Ken Wilber, a prolific spiritual and scientific writer who helped forge the new field of transpersonal psychology. An original thinker whose pioneering work has given him the title of ‘the Einstein of consciousness’. He has more than sixteen books to his credit. His latest is “A Theory of Everything – An integral vision”.

● What is the starting “point” of dimensions? Exactly that, the ‘point’, which geometrically speaking is ‘zero’ dimension. It has no measurement, no length or width or breadth ; it is the bindu of hindu philosophy that which is pivotal to all creation. We have to be careful with terminology here – bindu or ‘point’ is not void or emptiness. It is not the shūnya of Sanskrit. The bindu is a ‘vibrant’ idea ; it may not have spatial dimensions or ‘sides’ to it but it is. This is beautifully explained in an article in Kalātattvakośa [1] from which I excerpt below :