The Shāntī Pāth & Cantor’s Infinities

In an identical vein Ecclesiasticus XLII. 21-22 expresses:-

He is from Eternity to Eternity, and to Him nothing may be added
Nor can He be diminished, and He hath no need of any counselor.

Corollary 1 – Quantum Mechanics

A brief digression into the history of QM to prepare the reader because a few metaphysical concepts would be in order at this juncture.

In the late 19th century, Max Plānck (1858-1947) was studying the radiation of energy from spherical bodies made of different metals[14]. As these spheres were heated to higher and higher temperatures, they radiated heat waves and became incandescent. All these waves were found to be of electro-magnetic nature, as James C. Maxwell (1831-1879) had shown decades earlier. This research was known as ‘the Black-body radiation’.

Till Plānck researched this problem, earlier theories had given impractical results. They were all leading to mathematical calculations resulting in these heated spheres emanating infinite energy. The experiments, however, did not tally with this. Empirical measurements always gave limited energy values spread over a finite range of heat/light frequencies (or electro-magnetic waves). Plānck had a brilliant insight. He assumed that the energy waves left the ‘Black-body’ in discrete packets and not continuous waves as previously thought. He called these limited packets of energy quanta. They were also later termed as photons since the radiating body also emitted light. This new assumption lead Plānck to a mathematical formulation[15] that corroborated precisely with the observed experimental data.